The Speaking Show with David Newman

Episode 90: Kayvon Kay

High Ticket Selling with Kayvon Kay

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A master of Sales and Closing, Expert Keynote Speaker, and creator of the One-Call Closer™ Methodology, Kayvon is a titan of the industry. From being Canada’s #1 pharmaceutical sales representative to creating a multimillion-dollar coaching program, Kayvon has a vast range of skills centered within the art of sales. His ambition, drive, and confidence has led to his domination in the industry and his world-renowned abilities.

This episode moves fast so get your notes ready! Kayvon Kay and David jump right into effective selling techniques, the strategy calls, and breaks down his ‘One-Call Closer’ methodology!

In This Episode, You'll Learn...

  • The importance of integrity in your business
  • Kayvon’s professional journey
  • Finding your genius
  • You are going to struggle no matter what path you take
  • Laying out strategy calls
  • What a ‘pattern interrupt’ is
  • You are not your own prospect
  • Conviction over confidence
  • How do you define value?
  • Asking ‘re-direct questions’
  • Different levels of customer pain


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