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Episode 45: Mark Hunter

Producing Your Own Events with Mark Hunter

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For nearly 20 years, Mark Hunter has worked with thousands of salespeople and sales leaders as a consultant, speaker, and coach. Prior to this, Mark has 15+ years of experience in sales, working for three Fortune 200 companies in sales leadership and marketing positions.

Mark Hunter returns to The Speaking Show to talk about his Outbound 2019 conference. What are its benefits? Costs? And of course, the importance of focusing on the outcome!

In This Episode, You'll Learn...

  • Putting together a conference: Easy or hard?
  • Handling marketing, logistics, and pricing
  • Mindset: Thinking and acting as the next level
  • Focus on the what and the why, then the how will work itself out
  • Ways to increase attendance
  • Creating a community through audience interaction
  • Thinking long term with events
  • Perks or deals for prospects and bureaus?
  • Focusing and believing in the outcome
  • Why you should keep track of your client’s successes


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