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Episode 84: Mark Stiving

Pricing Secrets with Mark Stiving

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Mark is a pricing expert. Here's some proof:
Ph.D. in pricing from UC Berkeley
Wrote a book on pricing in 2011
Blogs on pricing ongoing since 2008
Taught pricing since 1997 for Universities and companies
Worked as a pricing executive
Coached hundreds of companies on pricing

Mark sits with David to discuss the topic of pricing yourself out as a speaker! They cover many different practices and situations involved in pricing, including profit vs non-profit clients, the state of the economy, considering logistics, and much more!

In This Episode, You'll Learn...

  • What many need to know when pricing
  • Value based pricing
  • How pricing impacts the perception of what is being bought
  • How people easily mess up well proven practices with pricing
  • Your fee is a filter for desired clients
  • Having a value conversation
  • No one argues with their own data
  • Price segmentation
  • When someone says yes, stop negotiating
  • Why you should offer a ‘good’, ‘better’, or ‘best’ offer
  • A ‘Will I’ decision
  • Offering complimentary services
  • Why Mark aims for a premium market
  • Getting paid for ‘free’
  • Price changes based on economic status
  • Using LinkedIn for prospecting
  • Working with Pragamtic Marketing


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