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Episode 88: Michael Zipursky

Consulting Success with Michael Zipursky

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Michael Zipursky is the CEO of Consulting Success® and Coach to Consultants. He has advised organizations like Financial Times, Dow Jones, RBC, Omron, Sumitomo and helped Panasonic launch new products into global markets, but more importantly, he’s helped over 300 consultants from around the world in over 50 industries add six and seven figures to their annual revenues. Over 34,000 consultants read his weekly consulting newsletter. Michael is also the author of the Amazon Best Sellers "The Elite Consulting Mind" and Consulting Success®, the book.

Michael and David talk about what it takes to run a successful consulting business and go into detail on how he handles some of the aspects involving that. From seeking clients to delegating and scaling, avoiding perfectionism and more!

In This Episode, You'll Learn...

  • How Michael got the domain
  • Getting into consulting
  • Mistakes up and coming consultants make
  • Be clear on who you can serve best
  • Getting consultants to initiate targeted outreach
  • Offering or searching for career changing advice
  • Go before you are ready
  • Learning experiences over failures
  • The downfalls of perfectionism
  • Inside Michael’s business


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