The Speaking Show with David Newman

Episode 86: Wes Schaeffer

The Sale Whisperer with Wes Schaeffer

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Wes Schaeffer, US Air Force veteran turned sales consultant and leader, discusses his transition into corporate sales and becoming The Sales Whisperer. Wes and David debunk the idea of feeling shame when returning to corporate work and go into detail on how Wes developed his scalable offerings and maintaining relevance with clients!

In This Episode, You'll Learn...

  • Becoming The Sales Whisperer
  • Going back to corporate
  • Sales training and sales automation
  • Developing his product suite
  • Why longer term training produces better results
  • Getting into more scalable offerings
  • Maintaining client relevance
  • The process of writing ‘The Sales Whisperer Way’
  • Choose who to lose
  • Be observant and adjust your sales accordingly
  • What’s next?


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