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Episode 51: Yifat Cohen

Build Your Community with Yifat Cohen

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An Engagement Maven, Yifat Cohen is a visionary. A muse. The architect behind generating a quarter of a million dollar in just 10 days with live video. A Growth Hacker specializing in community building, gamifying live engagements and cultivating brand evangelists.
She also loves speaking, strategizing and sharing her 4 min. solutions with anyone possessing a great sense of humor.

Yifat and David talk about the most effective ways to create and retain engagement from your audience through building a community of peers. They also discuss the best platforms to host your communities and how she uses her show “I’m That Geek” to engage with her audience.

In This Episode, You'll Learn...

  • Yifat’s beginnings with the launch of Google +
  • How she gained early access to Google Hangouts Air
  • The benefits of creating a community
  • Having a show on Google Hangouts
  • Difference between passive viewing and active participation
  • ‘Rented property’ and why you shouldn’t rely on them to build maintain your community
  • Starting on a public platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc..) and moving to your own real estate (website, blog, etc.…)
  • Why you should prioritize community over content
  • Difference between community and fan club


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