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Small Business Marketing Coach: Take control of your brand

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Every small business has a brand, whether they know it or not. That branding occurs in the minds of your customers, prospects, employees, stakeholders, and community at large. One mistake that’s fairly common in small business is letting the marketplace determine your company’s positioning.

You need to take control of your brand and position yourself in the marketplace. It is your job to shape and fashion the perception that prospects have of you and your firm. If you assume that “everyone knows what our company does,” you're in trouble – big trouble. It is your job to determine, define, brand, present, and then control the way your business is perceived.

Here are a few basic, but very important, elements in controlling perception: What's the message (written and unwritten) conveyed by your business cards, your emails, and your brochures?

Imagine a motivational speaker whose email address ends in or a management consultant who hands you a homemade business card with inkjet streaks and those little fringly perforated edges? Not exactly a confidence-builder, right? 

Remember, people want to do business with professional, hassle-free, customer-centric businesses. The image you convey determines how prospects think of you.

When it comes to specific products and services, do you offer options and different levels of service, or a take-it-or-leave-it deal?

More importantly, do you talk about your company and what the company does (inputs) or do you focus on overt benefits to your customers and successful outcomes (results)?

If the client's bottom-line results are not foremost in your discussions, why should customers choose to work with your company? (Hint: work to develop a simple 1-page sales tool for each of your products and services where client results and outcomes – in dollars and cents – are always on page 1!)

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Marketing Speaker - Business Card Kung Fu

Business Card Kung Fu

As a marketing speaker and marketing coach, I often get asked about business cards - what should go on a business card? Do I use the back? Should it have my picture on it? What do I say? What are some good ideas for using my marketing "real estate" on the card?

Finally, we have some answers in Business Card Kung Fu - in the form of a funny, fast-paced 7-minute whirlwind tour of good business card marketing ideas.

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Funny as hell business card ideas - your input needed...

Here's the deal - a boring, plain, blah business card costs just as much to print as a funny, powerful, and attractive business card.


Which category does YOUR business card fall into?

Right now, I'm trying to create a creative, funny, inspirational business card that's gonna have a strong "pass around" factor - funny as hell... or different... or something.

I gave my awesome designer, Erin Hyland, of a design assignment - actually it's not just a design assignment, it's a creative assignment.

What do YOU think of any of the following ideas?

Starters / initial thoughts: I wanted to put something clever on the back, such as:

If you hate marketers, I'm a professional speaker... If you hate professional speakers, I'm a marketer. Nyah-nyah!

- OR -

Our firm also does business under ALL of the following names:

  • Someone Else ("We decided to hire someone else")
  • A Different Direction ("We're going in a different direction")
  • A Budget of Zero ("We have a budget of zero")
  • Our Current Agency ("We're happy with our current agency")

If you're considering one of these other options, please continue to make checks payable to David Newman

Or I could go in this direction... man, is this ever TEMPTING:

Marketing speaker, funny business card

What's the funniest, cleverest, wittiest copy you've ever seen on a business card?

Let me know in the COMMENTS area below - in fact, the best idea will win something cool from me. [No, it's not a puppy.]  

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