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Marketing Speaker: 6 Easy Ways to Win at PowerPoint

1. Sometimes, visuals can stand alone:

doitmarketing do it marketing 1

2. Use font sizes to help you make your point:

doitmarketing do it marketing 2
3. Use screen shots and visually focus your audience on key ideas:

doitmarketing do it marketing 3

4. Use arresting, unusual graphics, not the same old tired clip art:

doitmarketing do it marketing 4

5. It's OK to use graphs if you summarize the A-ha insight they provide:

doitmarketing do it marketing 5

6. Sometimes it helps to SHOW and TELL on the same slide:

doitmarketing do it marketing 6

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Marketing Speaker: 10 Keys to Presentations that Rock

marketing speaker marketing coach slidesAs a marketing speaker and marketing coach, I not only GIVE lots of presentations, I SEE lots of presentations - both at the conferences and meetings I attend and for my clients as we collaborate on improving their OWN speaking and marketing effectiveness. 

Here are the 7 deadly sins of presentation design - and then you'll get 10 keys to presentations that rock (courtesy of our friends at SlidesThatRock): 

7 Deadly Sins of Presentation Design

1. Too much text

2. Too much jargon

3. Appeal only to head, not heart

4. No new point of view, perspective, or opinion

5. Preach and teach, rather than "how and wow"

6. Quoting dead white guys - it's not a book report!

7. No call to action or "easy, effortless, enjoyable" (EEE) payoff

And now - here's some visual eye candy to help you do it better, smarter, and faster...

10 Keys to Presentations that Rock

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