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Marketing Speaker: Top 10 Things We Love About Meeting Planners

Guest column by By Kristina Dmytriv
marketing speaker marketing coach successful meetingsAs a marketing speaker, I can safely say that meeting planners are the reason we have SUCCESSFUL meetings.
Courtesy of Cvent, here are the 10 reasons why everyone loves planners. We've also included some stories to aid in planning your next meeting or event.
1. They're always prepared.
No matter how compact the bag, if you need something, a meeting planner can reach into a "Mary Poppins" bag and produce it in a matter of seconds.
2. They know how to be composed. 
While others scramble if things don't go according to plan, meeting planners never let you see them sweat. They're armed with a Plan B... and a Plan C, D, E and F, too.
3. They're wired for possibilities.
Where others see obstacles, meeting planners see potential. They can take the biggest hurdle and turn it into something positive in a matter of minutes.
4. They're masters of the palate.
Even on a shoestring budget, they can whip up a banquet feast that's delicious and healthy, too!
5. They're destination divas.
Wondering where to go on that next vacation? Go find a meeting planner and you'll have destination suggestions to fuel vacation choices for the next decade.
6. They act as protectors of the planet. 
Meeting planners always have a keen eye for protecting the environment, taking the green path at every opportunity. They waste not, yet manage to do so with great flair.
7. They serve as people connectors.
If you have a meeting planner in your circle of friends, you're just three degrees from anyone in the world. They know people who know people and they take great delight in helping others make meaningful connections.
8. They have generous hearts.
Meeting planners are go-givers. They're always looking out for others, even the quietest sheep in the flock. They see the unseen and they will do whatever it takes to help others in need.
9. They always go the extra mile.
Do you need to get something done? If a meeting planner commits to do something, there's no need for reminders. It will get done, on time (or ahead of time) and in the best possible way.
10. They're friendly and fun. 
Meeting planners aren't just experts at creating delightful experiences for others. They are natural born party people, smiling and finding fun even in the least likely places.

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