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Sales Speaker Mark Hunter Interview

sales speaker Mark HunterYou're about to meet one of my favorite people and a super-smart sales guru... My sales speaker pal, Mark Hunter.

Pull up a chair, grab a coffee and join us as we talk about High Profit Selling and the secrets of how YOU can sell smarter. 

Good selling is all about GETTING clients and great selling is all about GETTING profits, so it makes perfect sense that Mark is an expert in both!

Get ready to take some notes on how Mark's brilliant ideas apply to YOUR business...

Get "real deal" insights on sales that will blow the competition away. See how many valuable nuggets YOU can implement in your business - right NOW!

What do you think? Please leave a comment below and let's discuss...

77 lessons for success in marketing, business, life

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Your Help Needed: Top Sales and Marketing Awards

Big News!

Need your help with exciting news - Do It! Marketing has been nominated as "Top Sales and Marketing Book" in the Top Sales and Marketing Awards.
I'm hugely honored to have also been nominated for "Top Sales and Marketing Webinar" for the program I presented for the great folks at Marketing Cloud. (Email me if you want the replay link - I was on fire!!)
Would you be wonderful enough to help by voting (early and often) using each link above? The public vote will account for 50% of the overall scores and the other 50% will come from an expert-judging panel. 
You may revisit and vote every 24 hours between now and December 13th. There's no registration. Two clicks and you're done. 
So grateful for your help. It truly DOES take a village...  
Thank you in advance. YOU are awesome!!

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