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9 Key Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

9 key traits entrepreneurial successEntrepreneurs who START a business typically exhibit these traits:

  1. Independent - they want to be their own boss.
  2. Self-Reliant - they want to know they're 100% responsible for their own results
  3. Hard-working - they're not afraid of hard work, long hours, and the toughest boss they'll ever have (see #1 above!)

Entrepreneurs who SUCCEED in business typically exhibit these traits:

  1. Dream big but dream focused. They want to create something that is substantial and that makes a real contribution. But they are also focused enough and disciplined enough to distinguish between opportunities and distractions.
  2. Lifelong student. They're willing to learn, experiment and try new things. They regularly challenge their own assumptions and explore outside their comfort zone.
  3. Willing to ask for help, delegate, and outsource. Most entrepreneurs are better at helping than being helped. But if you’re not willing to ask for help or delegate to others, you severely limit your growth.
  4. Will break through obstacles. Entrepreneurs always get stuck. Whether in dire straits financially, facing a tough new competitor, or dealing with internal headaches, the entrepreneurial journey is almost always turbulent. Successful entrepreneurs expect this and have learned to "secure their own oxygen mask before assisting others."
  5. Resilient. They face disappointment with courage. And more important, they bounce back. Again and again and again. And again!!
  6. Have patience. Things rarely work out for entrepreneurs as quickly as they'd like. Successful entrepreneurs have come to understand that sometimes the "shortcut" is the long way.
What do YOU think? Please use the COMMENTS section below to share your own advice, insights, and recommendations on what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur... 
9 key traits successful entrepreneur

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Why Those IDIOTS Don’t Buy from You



Have you ever wondered why your prospects DON’T buy from you? Especially when you can see as plain as the nose on their face that they DESPERATELY need what you do and could benefit from it HUGELY?

Well… as with most marketing - it’s not about YOU.

It’s about THEM.

And your prospects are not actually idiots - but IDIOTS is a good acronym for the six biggest reasons that your prospects DON’T buy.

I’ve done a lot of thinking about this because MANY of my 1-on-1 marketing coaching clients experience precisely this problem when we begin working together.

And solving it for them immediately puts money in their pocket. Just like it will for YOU.

Here are the six parts of the IDIOTS acronym:

  1. Ignorant of their problem
  2. Denial of their situation
  3. Indifferent to your brand
  4. Overwhelmed with choices 
  5. Terrified of making a mistake 
  6. Suspicious of marketers/salespeople 

Let’s unpack these one at a time. And you’ll also get specific ideas for what to DO to punch through each of these six obstacles and close more sales - better sales - faster sales.

1. Ignorant of their problem. They “don’t know what they don’t know” about what’s wrong, missing, broken, too slow, too inefficient. And you can’t sell someone on the fact that they have a problem. Never works. Just pisses ‘em off.

What to DO: Use the following language: “Is This You?” and then cleanly and crisply articulate their pains, problems, heartaches, headaches, challenges, and gaps in language that they will instantly recognize - because you’re entering the conversation that’s already happening in their head every single day.

2. Denial of their situation. “Me? Problem? No, no, no - that’s impossible.” This is actually a WORSE problem than mere ignorance. It’s awareness plus a determination to avoid, deny or minimize the problem. This is also commonly referred to as the “head in the sand” syndrome.

What to DO: Call out the elephant in the room (the denial) and skillfully weave in stories of other people in similar situations who emerged from their denial, made some tough choices, and came out victorious in the end. In order to avoid insulting them, use language such as, “Many folks in your situation prefer to address the surface issues rather than deal with the problem head-on. That makes perfect sense because this can be messy, expensive, and painful. Using our [product/service/whatever you’re selling], our clients find that it’s not nearly as bad as they feared - and once it’s done, everything gets better in the areas of X, Y. and Z."

3. Indifferent to your brand. “Who are you again? And from what company?” Early in my entrepreneurial career as a marketing speaker and marketing coach, I called on a client and we had a very cordial 20-minute meeting. He seemed ready to move ahead. Until he thought to ask me this question, “If you’re so good, how come I’ve never heard of you before?” OUCH! 12 years ago I didn’t have a good answer. (Today, I would take a copy of my book from my briefcase and slap him upside the head with it before leaving an autographed copy on his desk and seeing myself out.)

What to DO: Buyers don’t buy you, your product, your service, or your brand sight unseen. So the answer is easy: GET SEEN! Use 3PR strategies to maximize your influence and impact in the right places in front of the right prospects for the right reasons. Keep showing up as a person (and company) “of value” and soon, they’ll be coming to YOU, not vice versa.

4. Overwhelmed with choices. Your buyers are lazy, busy, and befuddled. I don’t need to convince you any further of that, do I?

What to DO: Market to the LAZY - What can you OFFER that’s easy, fast, and free? Market to the BUSY - What can you DO to be heard above the noise? Market to the BEFUDDLED - What can you SAY that will immediately resonate with your best prospects because it shows that you “get” them?

5. Terrified of making a mistake. Yup - your buyers are risk-averse. Scaredy cats, in fact. As they should be because they’ve probably been burned by people who looked a lot like YOU in the not-too-distant past. What should you offer them? Guarantees, success stories, testimonials, and proof.

What to DO: Show them specific names, specific companies, and indisputable points of proof that you have a strong, clear and compelling track record of making those people happy. Let's face it - one BIG reason people don't want to buy is because they're putting their own relational capital (aka reputation) on the line. And that's risky. If you can remove the risk of the sale, you will open the floodgates to getting more and better clients for life. Hint: They won't believe YOU. They WILL believe your clients, references, referrals, and people who have given you money in the past and been thrilled to do so. Print up a sheet called "Client Success Stories." Put in 5-7 specific success stories with the right names to drop and the right stories to tell. Bingo! Instant sales breakthrough.

6. Suspicious of marketers/salespeople. Yes, of course they are. And you are, too. Salespeople and marketers have a long-standing (and sometimes accurate) reputation as liars, shysters, slimeballs, and fraudsters. That’s the stereotype you’re up against no matter how expensive your suit, how specialized your services, or how sincere your approach.

What to DO: Position yourself not as a salesperson OR a marketer. Position yourself as an expert - a thought-leader - a trusted advisor. In my marketing keynotes and seminars, I show a slide that has this text in a giant 288-point font: VALUE + TIME = TRUST. That’s the key. Deliver value - relevant insights, resources, advice, recommendations. Do this over time and become known as a person of value - and a company of value - and then over time, your prospects will begin to seek you out and you’ll be positioned as the obvious go-to choice for what you’re offering.

That’s the antidote to prospect IDIOTS who don’t buy from you. (Again, no offense - remember, it’s an acronym!)


Want to apply for your Speaker Strategy Call to see how you can IMPLEMENT some of these concepts right away? Apply for your call here.


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Marketing Coach: How to Unlock, Unblock, and Unleash Linkedin Groups

unlock unblock unleash linkedin groupsHow to unlock, unblock, and unleash LinkedIn Groups...

If you're a thought-leading executive or entrepreneur, chances are excellent that you are actively using the Groups feature in LinkedIn. (And if you're NOT - well, you're missing a tremendous opportunity to add value to your prospect base, find new clients, and build new relationships - but more on that in another post!) 

I belong to 50 LinkedIn Groups and of those, I own or manage three of them.

Today's topic is in response to the following email I got from a member of one of my groups:

Hi David!

I have tried to submit comments at least twice now on discussions that have been started by someone else in the group. When I hit the submit button, it tells me my comment is pending review.

Is there something I need to do on my end to get my comments to go through? Am I being blocked for some reason?

And then the SAME THING started to happen to ME in other groups I belonged to...

It was both a real headache and a real mystery to figure out how to solve this... til now. 

Take a look... [Click the Enlarge icon in the lower right for a better view!] 

What do YOU think? Please use the COMMENTS area below to share your advice, insights and recommendations on managing and profiting from LinkedIn Groups. And if you own a Group, feel free to post the link and a quick plug for your Group, too!

unlock unblock unleash linkedin groups

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Marketing Coach: I See Broke People

I see broke people...

Here's a reimagined scene from one of my favorite movies, The Sixth Sense...

As a business owner, entrepreneur, or service professional, see if any of this sounds familiar to YOU - and if so, please share your experiences and advice in the COMMENTS area below...


I want to tell you my secret now.

Malcolm blinks very slowly



Cole takes an eternal pause. A silent tension engulfs them both


...I see people.

Malcolm just gazes quietly.


I see broke people...


In your dreams?

Cole shakes his head, "No."


When you're awake?

Cole nods, "Yes."


Broke people, like beggars?


No, walking around, like business owners... They can't see each other. Some of them don't know they're broke.


They don't know they're broke?

Malcolm becomes completely motionless. Works to hide his shock. He and Cole stare at each other a long time.


They tell me stories... how they used to land big clients without doing any marketing... how they wasted a fortune on a fancy PR firm... how they went into credit card debt to pay for a get-rich-quick internet marketing seminar...

Malcolm's words are extra-controlled. Revealing nothing.


How often do you see them?


All the time. They're everywhere.

You won't tell anyone my secret, right?




Will you stay here till I fall asleep?

Malcolm nods, "Yes." Cole pulls the covers up to his chin and turns to the window in the room. Malcolm is very still and stares at Cole.

MALCOLM'S EYES -- slowly turn and survey the room. They find nothing. Malcolm returns to watching Cole.


And then we see what he's staring at. Through Cole's hospital room window we look across onto a run-down housing project.

Rows of small offices are visible. In the windows are broke business owners... SOME OLD, SOME YOUNG... SOME ARE DRESSED IN MODERN NEW CLOTHES... SOME WASH THEIR NEW CARS...

simple marketing successp.s. If you want to STOP seeing broke people and build your marketing, sales, and business development muscles, we still have a few open seats for the Simple Marketing Success 10-Week Virtual Bootcamp experience that starts October 8, 2013. Let me know you're interested (email or call me 610.716.5984) and I'll forward you the application materials and program guidelines right away.

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Corey Perlman eBootCamp Interview

corey perlman ebootcampHere's a two-part interview with my pal, Corey Perlman of 

We talk about... 

  • Social media myths vs. reality
  • Why your website still matters - big time
  • Different social media approaches for different businesses
  • The key elements to a digital marketing gameplan that WORKS
  • A special time-sensitive offer to boost your marketing success

Part 1 is here... PLEASE STOP watching at 17:45 when our video connection blew up!

Due to hysterically funny technical difficulties, we put the last 5-6 minutes of content onto Part 2 here...

p.s. Corey is running one of his special 2-day intensive seminars in Michigan on 9/26-27 and you can get full details on that here. If you email him at and put in the subject line, "David sent me" you'll qualify for a free electronic copy of Corey's bestselling book and "bring a friend" privileges to the event.

p.p.s. It's the best investment you'll make in your business this year. Corey guarantees it. And so do I. 

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Marketing Coach: Buyers Lie and How to Circle Back with Dignity

prospects who lieBuyers who lie should be deeply ashamed.

Salespeople and marketers have a bad rep for lying and deception but in my experience (both in my own speaking and consulting practice and via the hundreds of other consultants, entrepreneurs and independent professionals who tell me THEIR horror stories), PROSPECTS are much, much worse liars.

Somehow (for buyers) they think it's perfectly OK.

In reality, it's an unconscionable breach of professionalism.

For me personally, this has become VERY unusual because I've learned to be relentless in nailing down commitments.

Except once in a while, a buyer totally blindsides me. This is the story of how that happened and how YOU can avoid it happening to YOU. 

You will also get my voicemail and email templates and scripts to circle back with elusive "closed" prospects multiple times. 

Back story: 3 questions to lock in commitment

This prospect (an association executive director) gave me a verbal agreement to hire me over the phone - as in answering point blank my questions:

  1. "So are you still looking at other options or are we closing this deal right now on the phone?"
  2. "Who else needs to sign off on this before we make it final?"
  3. "Are you sure that you're ready to sign the agreement?"

Answers were:

  1. "We're closing the deal right now"
  2. "Nobody else - I hire the speakers and my marketing person will be in touch with you to get everything we need for the website and the program book"
  3. "Yes we have a deal."

Within 30 minutes of hanging up the phone, I emailed her the agreement, the invoice and my "Welcome Kit" email.

This was followed by WEEKS of radio silence, unanswered emails, unanswered voice mails and then an email from her this morning which says, "We decided to go with a local California speaker"

In the rest of this post, you'll get my follow-up sequence which will make YOU money if you use it. So the good of the many outweighs the good of the few... or the one. 

This is a classic case of "The operation was a success. Unfortunately, the patient died."

How to circle back with a "closed" sale with dignity  

Here's my recommended timeline for you when you get a verbal YES commitment from a prospect (which should be as good as a signed agreement but let's face it - it's FAR from it!) and they disappear on you. 

1. Phone call with prospect. 

2. Ask qualifying/closing questions

3. Send agreement/invoice paperwork. 

4. If they go radio silent, EMAIL #1 is 6-7 days later and you simply resend your original email with all attachments and this added note at the top:

Just resending the below in case it got lost in the shuffle last week. Please confirm receipt because I want to make sure this lands safely in your hands. Thanks! 

5. Follow-up phone message (either at the same time as the email or a day or two before or after):

Just wanted to make sure our agreement landed safely in your email inbox. Please do give me a call back at xxx-xxx-xxxx just to confirm you received it. I'm looking forward to our work together.

6. If no response, Wave 2 comes 3-4 days after that and sounds like: 

We're both flying at 100mph. Please do get back to me with a quick reply and let me know if we're still a go as you indicated on the phone. If yes, we'll start preparations as soon as you return the paperwork. Looking forward to our collaboration. 

7. Again, it's your preference whether you leave a 2nd voice mail message a few days before or after or simultaneous with the email above. Whichever you choose, the second voice mail sounds like: 

If you've had a change of heart about your decision, please let me know. If you'd like to discuss these arrangements, please let me know that too. Thank you in advance for your reply so I can plan around your event accordingly. Give me a ring when you get a moment at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Thank you, Susie and talk to you soon. 

8. Next email is 2-3 days later and is simply a written version of the above "change of heart" voice mail message. 

9. The final note is something like this: 

Circling back with you about next steps. Please let me know which of these multiple choice answers is most reflective of current reality (which I lose track of regularly!!)

a. I am swamped but still want to move ahead with what we agreed to  
b. Our needs have changed and I want to discuss a different approach 
c. The deal is off in spite of the verbal commitment I made
d. Hey Newman - drop dead and never darken my doorstep again. Buzz off!!

Thank you in advance for hitting reply with your quick answer.

10. In my particular case, my prospect at great long last sent me this note:

Hi David,

Thank you for following up. I apologize for the delay in responding. I didn't want to re-connect with you until we had resolved several critical, conference-related details.

We have decided to go with a local, Southern California keynote speaker for the XXXXX 2014 Conference in San Diego. Upon reflection, it makes better business sense for us to employ local resources whenever possible.

I truly appreciate your time spent discussing XXXX 2014 with me. Thank you, too, for your diligence in following up.

We will be back to the East Coast within the next few years, and we will touch base with you again.

Take care ~ 

Susie Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire Prospect [Not her real name]

11. I hate liars and lying. (I admit it - it's one of my hot buttons.) So this is the reply I sent. I've added the decoding in green for your benefit: 



Totally understand. [Every email where I'm stunned and have no idea what planet the person is from starts with these 2 words. It's much nicer than "Are you freaking nuts?"]

Just one final question for you. [The old Columbo TV detective strategy]

Is your local speaker a better fit content-wise or just budget-wise? [Did you lie to me for money or for a better reason?]

If it's strictly a budget issue, I wish you had come back to me first because we could have worked out a travel-inclusive fee arrangement that would still be within your budget. [I'm a nice guy and was - and still am - willing to work with you despite the fact that you reneged on the deal after I verbally confirmed it with you THREE different times on the phone]

Is this worth revisiting since you and I had a confirmed verbal agreement to book the conference? [You should be ashamed for going back on your word without so much as a courtesy email or phone call to let me know the deal was falling apart and/or to ask for my help in saving it]


What do YOU think? Please use the COMMENTS area below to share your advice, insights and recommendations on these ideas and join the conversation... 

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9 Great Articles on Blogging and Writing

  1. Top 5 Blog Tune-Ups in 5 Minutes Each
  2. 10 Blogging Lessons from Your Dog
  3. 13 Quick Tips for Blogging for Business 
  4. It's OK Not to Blog
  5. Blogging 101: 3 Reasons Your Blog Isn't Better
  6. Blogging 101: 7 Ways to Write Less and Say More
  7. Blogging 101: 7 Ways to Capture Ideas Like a Ninja
  8. Marketing Coach: 41 Fresh Blog Post Ideas
  9. Gesture Writing -

What do YOU think? Please use the COMMENTS area below to share your advice, insights and recommendations on these ideas and join the conversation... 

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Marketing Coach: How to Profit from Licensing and Certifying Others

consulting revenue roadmapAs a consultant, author or thought-leading professional, have you considered building long-term recurring revenue into your business model with licensing and certification programs?

Obviously, this is a huge topic but I wanted to at least get you started thinking about it in this post because the potential is so great. This is your ticket to breaking free of the time-for-money trap once and for all.

Imagine a handful of certified consultants delivering your programs for clients large and small all across the country – or even across the world.

Now imagine a dozen of them. And then imagine two dozen. And then imagine a hundred of them. You can see where this is going… pretty exciting for most of us to consider.

If your empire is based on “Responsible Leadership” – you could have a small army of “Responsible Leadership-Certified” Consultants. This is exactly what my friend John Jantsch did with Duct Tape Marketing – what John Maxwell did with his “John Maxwell Team” and what dozens of training firms – who are now multi-million dollar corporations – have done, like Dale Carnegie, Franklin Covey, AchieveGlobal and many others.

But my point is that it started with the first licensee. The first certified consultant. And even before that, it started with things YOU can start to put in place tomorrow – the first subcontractor. The first remote coach. The first on-demand consultant who goes out to your client to deliver your program under your brand.

And who makes you money that is suddenly NOT connected to your personal time, attention and presence.

There are two steps to this piece of your entrepreneurial puzzle – productizing and systematizing. You have to have all your consulting products buttoned down. Training manuals, consultant toolkits, leader’s guides, audios, videos, whatever is part of your flagship package.

And then you need to document all the processes, delivery systems, timelines, backoffice operations, and client-facing experiences that need to happen to deliver the consulting results you are promising to deliver.

Does this take a fairly significant up-front effort? You bet.

Does it pay off handsomely if you are committed to seeing it through? Definitely. 

NOTE: Join us for the "Consulting Revenue Roadmap" teleseminar on Wed. May 8th to get a whole slew of ideas for boosting your consulting success. Register right now so you don't miss out. 

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Marketing Coach: How to Let Go So You Can Grow

let it goAs a marketing speaker and marketing coach, I often work with clients who are seasoned entrepreneurs. They've been doing great work for good clients for years - sometimes decades. 

And in the technology world, they call these longtime clients who are using your longtime services "legacy" clients. 

Here's the problem - legacy clients can hold your business back.

You need to learn how to let go so you can grow. In this post, we'll explore how to do that. But first, here's the bottom line on the problem:

Legacy clients want to keep using your legacy services.

These are services, products and programs that you really don't want to sell any more. Because you don't want to DO them anymore. Regardless of the money. 

Yes, let me repeat that - REGARDLESS of the money. (The fact that they may be generating a lot of revenue but very little profit is a topic for another day. For now, think about that and see if it's true for YOU.)

An interesting paradox

Most business owners, entrepreneurs and independent professionals get all excited about ADDING new products, services and programs to their business. They do so with great relish, enthusiasm, and fanfare. 

Here's the problem - you can't keep adding. It doesn't make sense.

If you're a coach, consultant, speaker, or professional services provider, having two different investable opportunities might be good - having three might be better - having five may be challenging - and having seven may be disastrous. 

How to let go so you can grow

When you realize that your business has grown in too many directions with too many ways people can use your services - yet not enough focus, clarity, momentum, or profits for YOU - then it's time to LET GO. 

Time to cut back. Lose some branches. Prune the tree back so it can grow healthy again - and straight in the direction you want it to.

Naturally, you can't go "cold turkey" (although really, you can - more on that in a minute...)

So here is a stepwise plan to help you get rid of parts of your business that are holding you back so you can make room for the new, profit-rich, and on-strategy offerings that reflect the current focus of your business, your desired client base, and the revenue targets you want to hit.

1. Let your internal team know that your legacy services and programs are no longer accepting new clients. This will hold YOU accountable for not selling any more of them, no matter how tempting it may be. The first person you need to convince that you're not in that business any more is YOU.  

2. STOP selling, marketing and talking about your legacy services. Don't take them completely off your website or marketing materials yet, but if they are featured prominently, make them less so. 

3. Put your NEW offerings front and center in everything you do. Lead every marketing and sales conversation toward your new services and investable opportunities. Talk about them with your referral partners, influencers, advocates, business friends, past clients, and new prospects. 

4. For current clients, use the "Switch or Stop" technique. As legacy clients finish their programs - or at a natural stopping point (for accountants, the end of the quarter - or for consultants, the end of a project milestone for example), bring up the subject of transitioning your client from the old service model to the new. Put a deadline on the calendar for making a decision to "switch or stop." Make it OK for them to stop and not feel bad or awkward. And don't leave them in the lurch - always have a referral in your pocket for someone else they can use if they want to continue with a service similar to the one you are discontinuing. 

5. Take advantage of natural attrition as you ramp up. As an example, you might gradually go from 10 legacy clients down to 7, then eventually 4, then the last 1 or 2. All the while, your main job is to fill your client roster with NEW clients using your NEW services. If you time this right (always the tricky part!) you'll get more new clients before the old ones transition out. This is one of the more uncomfortable phases of the process because you'll feel like you're trying to ride 2 horses at once. And you'll be torn with second guessing yourself that "maybe these old services aren't so bad after all..." Don't listen to that voice. It's the voice of fear and scarcity. Block it out. 

6. Rip off the Band-Aid. Once you've made the transition as smooth as you possibly can - both for yourself and for as many of your legacy clients as possible, it's time to rip off the Band-Aid in one quick, if somewhat painful, move. Have a heart-to-heart conversation with your remaining clients and make it clear that: 

a. You value their trust and friendship.

b. You appreciate their long-standing business over the years.

c. It's time to switch to your new model or you'll help them find another resource.

d. They can always call you for friendly advice, insights and recommendations and you remain in their service because you care about their success. 

That's the very best that you can do - and it's what a trusted advisor does.

Easy? No.

Necessary? Very.

Benefits: Huge.

This is nothing short of the roadmap to the future success of your business. 

And you can't get there if you're stuck looking in the rear-view mirror. 

Look up ahead - the sun is rising over the horizon of your new (ad)venture. Focus forward, hit the gas, and let's GOOOOO!!!

What do YOU think? Please use the COMMENTS area below to share your advice, insights and recommendations on this topic and join the conversation... 

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Marketing Speaker: What's Your Mission Today?

doitmarketing marketing missionNope, this is NOT a post about that kind of soft, squishy "mission-vision" thing...

This post is about what's on your plate right now - today - right this minute. 

My friend, Jose Palomino, sent me an email this morning about some website tweaking that he's doing. He wrote, "Getting the timing right and the sliders to stop rotating after the final reveal is today's mission."

Bam - that was his ONE thing for today. Was he doing other tasks? You bet. Was he developing business, calling clients, following up on sales leads, and doing paperwork? Sure... but he also had his "mission" for the day. 

When it comes to being a small business owner, independent professional or speaker/consultant, you have a million things to do and a hundred priorities. 

Wouldn't having a SINGLE mission for the day be great? 

Well - you can. Many important tasks can be done in as little as 15 minutes -- and tackling ONE head-on might be exactly what you need to regain that most precious entrepreneurial asset - MOMENTUM.

Some examples to get you started: 

  • Revise your home page copy
  • Write an important email to a client or prospect
  • Send an invoice you've been proscrastinating on
  • Post a blog
  • Submit an article to a trade journal or industry publication
  • Respond to a media request
  • Send out your email newsletter
  • Circle back with a prospect who's on the fence
  • Clean up your LinkedIn profile
  • Post a long-overdue recommendation on LinkedIn
  • Send a thank-you note
  • Mail a book to a prospect, influencer or decision-maker
  • Pick up the phone and apologize to someone important
  • Ask for that referral you've been shy about pursuing
  • Contact that virtual assistant you've been thinking of hiring 
  • Post your internship job description with your local university
  • Begin a research file or a Google Doc for your next book
  • Make a list of 20 companies you'd like to do business with
  • Clear off your desk (you can do this in 5 min. if you create a file folder called "Crap from Desk" and today's date!)
  • Do a competitive sweep and see who's doing what in your industry so you can refresh your offerings
  • Shoot a 2-minute video and post it to YouTube
  • Buy my book and get $747 in bonuses right now (Shhh...)
  • Erase the whiteboard in your office and create a "fresh start"
  • Take yourself out to a coffee shop for a 2-hour strategic meeting with yourself, a legal pad, and a pack of Sharpies
  • Take a nature walk and bring your pocket audio recorder or smart phone to capture ideas
  • Reconnect with an old client, friend, or colleague
  • Write an amazon book review for a book you admire in your field
  • Call your tech wizard to fix a nagging technology problem you've been tolerating for way too long
  • Leave a 45-second voicemail for a client just to say how much you value your relationship with them
  • Visit your favorite bookstore or newsstand and buy a magazine to flip through for new business ideas
What's YOUR mission for today? 
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